Ensuring Future Generations are Sustainable


We have invested significantly in renewable energy and have installed 100Kw of solar panels to the facility. We have so far generated over 150 MWh of energy which equates more than two month’s worth of our energy usage for the year.

Supporting Australian Growers

We pride ourselves on long term partnerships with over 200 growers in Australia to help provide greater farm gate returns to their agribusiness by value adding their vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Soil Health

Great produce starts with the soil. We continue to invest in increasing organic matter in our soils and providing healthy soils for future generations. This also enables us to provide healthier products that are richer in nutrient density.

Biological Farming

Significant investment in biological farming using the beneficial bugs and working with mother nature to produce healthy, nutritious foods.

Land Management

Land management designed to improve the quality of water flowing into the Great Barrier Reef and enhance the reefs resiliance to the threats posed by climate change, nutrients, pesticides and sediment run off by a number of complimentary approches.

People Development

We invest significantly in our people and providing opportunity – after all, they are out biggest asset!

Local Economy

We are a major Australian employer providing opportunity to over 100 families in the Bundaberg region through direct employment.


“Ensuring Future Generations are sustainable”